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Treating the Lymphatic System can Positively Influence Healing

Presentation Abstract

The lymphatic system is the body's secondary circulatory system. The main role is to move toxic cellular fluids out of the injured area and flush those toxins out of the system. This presentation describes indications and contraindications of treating the lymphatic system when doing traditional orthopedic rehabilitation. The presentation also shows techniques of how to perform self treatments you can teach your athletes.  

Presenter BIO

Dr. Jennifer Rizzo EdD, ATC, CES is the athletic trainer and wellness coordinator at Concordia International School in Shanghai China. She has been an international athletic trainer for three years. Formerly, she was an associate professor at Concordia University Irvine, where she has also served as the program director and clinical education coordinator. She has presented posters at NASM and the Japan athletic trainers association annual meeting on thoracic outlet syndrome.

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