A generous donation from Mueller and a partnership with Brookbush get members free CEUs.

Updated: Apr 9

Dear APATS Members,

First off, we hope that all of you are well and healthy. We also hope that you have been able to find time to utilize your unique skills during this tumultuous time worldwide. Seeing China come out of this situation is a shining light that the world will be ok, but it won’t happen overnight. To this, please continue to look out for each other and also yourselves. Our profession is all about taking care of others, so use this time to take care of YOU!  

With no surprise that we have opted to cancel this year's APATS annual conference, our APATS leadership has been working to supplement this absence of professional growth with a remedy. After a lot of discussion and digital meetings, we have come up with an option that we hope will be utilized by our full membership. One thing we really wanted to make sure was that we offer quality educational experiences to our membership just as would have been done at the ‘physical’ conference. Once the decision of trying to provide CEUs was accepted, we researched what options would offer and meet our expectations.  We are happy to announce that we have found an online courseware solutions platform, Brookbush Institute. 

After discussions with their leadership, Brookbush Institute has generously offered our membership a 30 day free trial to access their online learning platform, and start to earn CEUs. At the conclusion of that month, APATS will purchase an additional month membership for any members actively using the resources. Price will be determined by the amount of interested members. After the initial two months, you may choose to renew your membership individually. We are super happy with what Brookbush has to offer to our organization!  Please take some time to look over their website. 

Now, with this, we need some information from anyone wanting to take advantage of this offer.  Ideally, we would love full membership to participate, so please plan on joining us on this CEU adventure. Please complete the survey by April 10 so that we can inform Brookbush Institute and they can begin to organize an individual dashboard for those who have expressed interest. This also helps us to know who will be actively using this offer so that we can work out the additional months costs subsidized by APATS. 

Why are we doing this?  With the gracious support from our founding sponsor, Mueller Sports Medicine, we feel it’s important to honor that support by using their donation to something that benefits us all, as well as all of our patients.  Education is the basis of our practices, and we feel Brookbush Institute has a fantastic platform that could help us all.

Founding Sponsor

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