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Presentation Abstract

This presentation titled, Manual Therapy Techniques on Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion and Dynamic Single Leg Balance, will review our study methods, results, and clinical relevancy regarding interventions and their effect on improving ankle outcomes. Video demonstrations of the manual therapy techniques used in the study will allow clinicians the ability to practice and implement techniques found to be effective in improving patient outcomes.

Presenter Bio

Erin Ulrich DHSc, LAT, ATC serves as the Clinical Education Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor of the Master of Athletic Training program at Lebanon Valley College. She has worked in this capacity since the inception of the program in 2016. After receiving initial CAATE accreditation in January of 2020, the program graduated their first MAT cohort with a 100% BOC pass rate and job placement rate. Previously, Erin served as the Head Athletic Trainer at LVC and spent her career worked in various clinical settings as well as teaching. Her research interests include sport performance, injury prevention, and public health and wellness.

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