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Ngan Chung MS, ATC 

How long have you been an athletic trainer?  

  • 11 years

Where did you come from (work history)?  

  • I graduated from Kean University, NJ in 2010 with a BS degree in Athletic Training followed by a MS degree in Exercise Physiology at McNeese State University, LA while working as a Graduate Assistant. After graduate school, I interned with IWS in Guangzhou as an outreach ATC for the American International School of Guangzhou for a year and then went back to the US to work at Kean University. In 2014, I moved to Hong Kong to work at the school I am currently still employed at which is the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. 

What do you enjoy most about international athletic training?  

  • I enjoy finding/learning new tools that can help our practice and continuing to learn about theories of healthcare. 

Tell us a little about your family?  

  • My whole family and I are were born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the US when I was 3. I have an older brother and a younger sister (yay for being the middle child!) who live in NJ. My quirky parents currently spend a lot of time in Ohio but as a family we grew up in NJ. 

What is your proudest moment as an athletic trainer overseas?

  • Starting the Athletic Training Club at CDNIS and changing my title to Certified Athletic Trainer

Where is the best place you've traveled to and why?   

  • Cambodia is one of the most memorable places I have traveled to. The country has beautiful historical landmarks with delicious food. What I really find incredible about Cambodia, is that the country has gone through really dark times but the people have made peace with it and are just kind humans. 

If Hollywood made a movie about your life who would you cast to play you?  

  • Awkwafina- Nora Lum 

What athletic training chore do you absolutely hate doing?

  • Rolling bandages or cleaning the ice machine

What is one thing you miss from your home country?  

  • I miss my family and friends from NJ. 

What is something you learned in the last week?  

  • I learned some new tips using Imovie 

If you could work in any country as an athletic trainer, where would you work?  

  • New Zealand 

What do you hope to improve APATS as a coordinator?  

  • I hope to improve the public relations of APATS as the coordinator. 


Member Spot


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Hailey Rock LAT, ATC 

Hailey Rock joins the Asia Pacific Athletic Trainers Society via the Kunlun Red Star Vanke Rays a Professional Women's Hockey team in Shenzhen China. Hailey has been an athletic trainer since 2018. She is from Hammond Wisconsin and earned her BS in Athletic Training from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.  She has experience working in the high school setting.  


Member spotlight Interview Questions:  

Where did you come from (work history)?  

  • Prior to my position here in China, I worked as a LAT for the Marshfield Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, WI at Eau Claire North High School.  

What do you enjoy most about international athletic training?  

  • I most enjoy experiencing a new culture and learning new languages.   

Tell us a little about your family?   

  • My family and I are from a very small close knit town. We are very close and enjoy spending of lots of time together. We love sports, especially hockey and enjoy the outdoors. I also have a dog named Max who loves playing fetch! 

What made you want to become an international athletic trainer?   

  • If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever work internationally I would have said absolutely not! Then in June I was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with a professional women's team and the sport I love. Now I couldn't be happier about my decision to become an international athletic trainer. 

What is your proudest moment as an athletic trainer?  

  • My proudest moment would be stepping outside of my comfort zone and accepting my job here in China.  

If Hollywood made a movie about your life who would you cast to play you?   

  • Melissa McCarthy. She's hilarious! 

If you could only drink 1 beer for the rest of your life what would it be?  

  • Busch Lite  

What is 1 thing you couldn’t live without?  

  • Since I don't have my dog with me in China, I would have to pick Chocolate. Definitely my weakness.  

 Where is the best place you have traveled to and why?   

  • This year I have traveled to so many places that I would never have seen myself ever doing. This year I have seen The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, The Red Square in Moscow, and even  beautiful Thailand. It is hard to choose which would be the best as they were all amazing in their own way! 

What is something you learned in the last week?  

  • I learned that Shenzhen, China can actually get cold! There have been some very hot days here in this city! It nice to finally enjoy some cooler weather.  

What athletic training chore do you absolutely hate doing?  

  • I absolutely hate filling water bottles!! 

What is the coolest(most important) trend you see today?  

  • The push for athletic trainers to be available at every high school. Previously working in the high school, I personally know how vital and important athletic trainers are for athletes, coaches, and parents. It's scary to see there are still so many schools without access to an athletic trainer! This trend needs to continue until every high school has access to an athletic trainer.